Thursday, April 16, 2009

5th April - The Departure Day

5th April 2009, its a Day I got departed from BTM Villa.

We all Rebels and friends from my office assembled at BTM Villa in the evening a day before my departure. [Gautam, Santhosh, Neel, Arjun, Bapu & Rebels... Total 13] I don't remember till what time we were awaken, but that was awesome... All enjoying, talking, fighting.. in short full of KAKRAT.
On the day of departure, some where around 10 o'clock in the morning, Gautam wake me as he want to go, had talk and than he said good bye and left. Again I slept, and woke up at 12 o'clock.

When I return, all rebels were hovering allover the place, as they all getting ready for going out. Yeah, coz we have invitation from Hems for lunch at his home. Finally we all went to Hem's home and Angle accompanied us...

As soon as we reach there, we Shaw TV... Cable.. ..... ..... ..... After long time .... ..... .....
so all get hanged... Anand realized this thing first and communicated to all.. that was really funny time.

Finally food was ready and we also... as after a long time we all gonna get good home made food.... We started eating and no one wanna even talk as food was awesome... almost all overeaten, and I think Sandy and Andy were two who even suffering from there jeans... :)

Soon after returning  to BTM Villa, I started packing rest things. Now time to get ready for leave from Bangalore. And all my friends are also ready to give good luck bumps :P !! Hems was also at BTM Villa, they all preparing like they gonna burst my Bumps!! I tried my best to make them understood for not to hit me... but they are Rebels and I got my good luck

9.30 was time of my Bus to Mumbai. we left Villa at 8.15. We all gather out side, and I got warmest Hugs from all... Sandy, Andy, Pendy, Hems and Bhendy joined me till travels office. where we stand almost 1hr as bus was late. Finally Bus blow Horn.. and I took my place in bus. . .  :(

I got call from sandy and MSGs from Andy. I was not comfortable at all but... you have to move ahead...

Will always miss you all guys.!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Namma To Amchi

I would like to put some Lines from song of a Bollywood movie "Shootout At Lokhandwala"

Power is the trip
Just ask anyone who's rich
Everybody knows that life is a bitch
Feel the greed
but ask yourself
Is it worth the glee

Life... ha... ha... I always find Life New. when ever life unfold new chapters,I think I never understood file. But as per Abstract of "Geeta".. ... ........... We all knows so no need to write. It's time to say good bye to Bangalore :( I am going Mumbai. My job seconded in Group company. and new posting is at HO Mumbai.
Mumbai, A financial Hub of India. Dream for every finance Professional to grow here. But I am not such excited. its not because I don't wanna grow, but this growth is pulling me out from my dream world, from my kingdom of happiness & enjoyment i.e. BTM Villa.

Why I am writing such things!!  because I am leaving behind friends who have no comparison.
But we all are REBELS, as I mansion in my earlier post, we don't scare and run away. We always accept challenges from life. No matter how ugly is the situation, we laugh, loud, louder and convert the threatening roar in to sound of joy.

So all rebels stood high on the REBEL's rule, they make this departure most memorable in my life. They opened all possible means, and gift me the most memorable last week at Bangalore.

I thanks God for blessing me with such Lovely REBELS... And also ask that, this will last life time.

I am moving on my own way to Mumbai, with love and grace of all you. "Ham Bichad rahe hai Bichadke fir milne ke liye"

So Rebels.... Accept one more challenge from Life.. and prove that we have habit to create history. Don't forget our dreams. I am sure that we will be together again on the successful height of our dreams...

Jai Ho...

Life In Namma Bangalore

Namma Bangalore... (Our Bangalore)... Bangalore.... Really a nice place. I land over here to build carrier on 5Th Feb 2008. Sandy was here from last almost two years, so there was no worry in mind except of Job.. means salter food and all.

I joined Sandy's Room and all most all known roommates.. all from Gujarat (in fact from My home town only) Dayzzz started passing, it was enjoyment of extreme level.. I got Job in shobha.. and Before joining there we want to "Pondy"...!!! The morning we were returned, that was the day of joining in Shobha... God.. it was horrible, I was not able to stand, so tiered and eyes were full of sleep. During joining process, I got time of one and half hour and guess what, I slept in compound of one hospital near to Shobha office building on a bench... :)

Job at shobha was OK OK... and luckily I got opportunity in Reliance just in 2 weeks time and i accept that and joined on 8th Apr 2008.

Time is like water..  and I didn't realize at all when I send a year here... Life was at pick... Enjoyment is of extreme level. We all Friends like to call us Rebels... Ya Rebels. If one Shaw any wish, other are ready to fulfill it.. now that thing is against some small things like daily schedule or of any heights, but always remains tiny against REBELS wish.

We rebels sharing not just our salter but our Lives ... Sandy, Andy, Gandy, Vendy, Bhendy, Pindy,Hendy and Me Maddy (This what are nick). We laughed together.. and cried also together. Tried to enjoy each ugly jock of life... When ever life show up with an ugly game with any one of us, we gave fight in our unique style..

Life was like it was never,, and i am sure it will never like that also. I was lucky that i got such a great friends to share life with.. and special thanks to Sandy, who inspire me to come Bangalore.. Not even Bangalore but I am in Bangalore as I hold MBA degree which is also once again Sandy's inspiration.

I can conclude with "Jindagi Haske bitaii thi, Hale dil gake suna ya tha... Ham to jeven ke rang the, apana jaha rangi banaya tha"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yammy Yammy...Pani Puri.... Yup

Its call Heights of Test...

Yesterday Night we decide to eat only PANI PURI in our dinner. (Just Guess the scenario, when only Panipuri And 8 bachelors)

I was absent day before when plan of it took shape, but was first to return home from Job at around 8 O'Clock and got surprised (also bit worrying). One by one all KAKARATIYA has arrived and started doing Kakrat.

Sandy was on a edge to fire cook from job, as he worrying that PANI PURI cook has made is not enough, and it will not be sufficient for all.

Guess what Next!!

We started eating near around 10 O'clock and were eating till we fill that next bite can become reason of blast. And guess what, amount of food remains behind is is more than enough for two more:) 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

run run catch d train....

hi frds its 2:30 now..... as v r very less at home n no kakrat at all... most of thm have slept n othrs r not at home.. may b dng kakrat in train.. got help fellow pessengers....sandy,bhavatosh n piyush r in train gng to chennai,,, n it was smthng usual tht thy hv reached to d train at final moment... today it was sure tht thy wer abt to loose it..anyways venish slept early as he does daily... n maddy aftr dng sm masti {whic is yet sasti thn petrol} also sletp thn... i went to sleep but smthng not gng well nw so was not able to sleep n cm out to c whts gng on.... gaurav who slept nw was surfin n our hemal bhai is still watchin movie.... its really time to sleep nw so i thnk i sud stop here n go to dermz.. hope atleast drmz r good...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Its al about Money Honey...

Hey its not a fever which bring you to doc.... but its a FEVER which lead you towards Opening Demat Accounts.... BTM Villa Brothers now in a race with Bull N Bears, we know at what time its better to ride whom....
Now a dazzz Market is in mood which can attract all the intelligent investor, as if you have a money and wanna enter with fresh investment then this will be good time. A Investment after proper Analysis will defiantly lead you towards Good profit in coming one year.
So minds are and Shelves are up-fold, Coz we are the Force....

Following are the facts we discover:
“Stock prices are slaves of the profit growth of underlying companies over longer periods.”
“In the short run, the market is a voting machine - reflecting a voter registration that requires only money, not intelligence or emotional stability - but in the long run, the market is a weighing machine.”

To sum up, let us see what Warren Buffet had to say about patience in stock market investing, “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

yes "5 ka Dum" was a successful idea, last month we collected a Handsome income from Fine.
guys good job keep rolling... :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hi guys m really sorry.. i kw u wer eager to read smthng frm me...
anyways itz sunday today.... as usuall sandy opened d door whn cook came at 12:30pm.. as rest wer sleepin.. fianlly all waked up around 2pm n v had lunch.. at 4:30 went 4 tea.. n thn sandy, gaurav, maddy n me played cricket. n sandy batted nearly 4 one hr.. awesome cricketer na... NOPES... awesome at cheating... its always no ball wen he gets out(as he say).... now v r watchin match n haa hemal bahi dint cm to lime light rite.. so listen he is gng home next week n nw gaurav is colourin his hair.. i thnk u guys r clever enough.. u wil not ask reason 4 tht colouring n all....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sandy In Lime Light..

Last night was full of Fun for BTM Villa BuddyzZz...
Sandy was in lime light... and Gaurav was boosting the Atmosphere with his expert comments...
It was 11.30 and sandy want to sleep but I am not allowing him to sleep without having Tea....Finally i made him to wake till we had tea....
Hems as always busy with Internet, however, he was adding great KAKRAT in his uniqe style
So "JASHN" get over by 12.30 (some what early)

Home Away From Home

This is my First post and would like so share some thing very special thing....
BTM Villa is Home Away From Home to we all member....
We live togather, enjoy togather, Tease each other But as we are Best of the Best BuddyzZzZz....