Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yammy Yammy...Pani Puri.... Yup

Its call Heights of Test...

Yesterday Night we decide to eat only PANI PURI in our dinner. (Just Guess the scenario, when only Panipuri And 8 bachelors)

I was absent day before when plan of it took shape, but was first to return home from Job at around 8 O'Clock and got surprised (also bit worrying). One by one all KAKARATIYA has arrived and started doing Kakrat.

Sandy was on a edge to fire cook from job, as he worrying that PANI PURI cook has made is not enough, and it will not be sufficient for all.

Guess what Next!!

We started eating near around 10 O'clock and were eating till we fill that next bite can become reason of blast. And guess what, amount of food remains behind is is more than enough for two more:)