Thursday, April 16, 2009

5th April - The Departure Day

5th April 2009, its a Day I got departed from BTM Villa.

We all Rebels and friends from my office assembled at BTM Villa in the evening a day before my departure. [Gautam, Santhosh, Neel, Arjun, Bapu & Rebels... Total 13] I don't remember till what time we were awaken, but that was awesome... All enjoying, talking, fighting.. in short full of KAKRAT.
On the day of departure, some where around 10 o'clock in the morning, Gautam wake me as he want to go, had talk and than he said good bye and left. Again I slept, and woke up at 12 o'clock.

When I return, all rebels were hovering allover the place, as they all getting ready for going out. Yeah, coz we have invitation from Hems for lunch at his home. Finally we all went to Hem's home and Angle accompanied us...

As soon as we reach there, we Shaw TV... Cable.. ..... ..... ..... After long time .... ..... .....
so all get hanged... Anand realized this thing first and communicated to all.. that was really funny time.

Finally food was ready and we also... as after a long time we all gonna get good home made food.... We started eating and no one wanna even talk as food was awesome... almost all overeaten, and I think Sandy and Andy were two who even suffering from there jeans... :)

Soon after returning  to BTM Villa, I started packing rest things. Now time to get ready for leave from Bangalore. And all my friends are also ready to give good luck bumps :P !! Hems was also at BTM Villa, they all preparing like they gonna burst my Bumps!! I tried my best to make them understood for not to hit me... but they are Rebels and I got my good luck

9.30 was time of my Bus to Mumbai. we left Villa at 8.15. We all gather out side, and I got warmest Hugs from all... Sandy, Andy, Pendy, Hems and Bhendy joined me till travels office. where we stand almost 1hr as bus was late. Finally Bus blow Horn.. and I took my place in bus. . .  :(

I got call from sandy and MSGs from Andy. I was not comfortable at all but... you have to move ahead...

Will always miss you all guys.!!

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