Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life In Namma Bangalore

Namma Bangalore... (Our Bangalore)... Bangalore.... Really a nice place. I land over here to build carrier on 5Th Feb 2008. Sandy was here from last almost two years, so there was no worry in mind except of Job.. means salter food and all.

I joined Sandy's Room and all most all known roommates.. all from Gujarat (in fact from My home town only) Dayzzz started passing, it was enjoyment of extreme level.. I got Job in shobha.. and Before joining there we want to "Pondy"...!!! The morning we were returned, that was the day of joining in Shobha... God.. it was horrible, I was not able to stand, so tiered and eyes were full of sleep. During joining process, I got time of one and half hour and guess what, I slept in compound of one hospital near to Shobha office building on a bench... :)

Job at shobha was OK OK... and luckily I got opportunity in Reliance just in 2 weeks time and i accept that and joined on 8th Apr 2008.

Time is like water..  and I didn't realize at all when I send a year here... Life was at pick... Enjoyment is of extreme level. We all Friends like to call us Rebels... Ya Rebels. If one Shaw any wish, other are ready to fulfill it.. now that thing is against some small things like daily schedule or of any heights, but always remains tiny against REBELS wish.

We rebels sharing not just our salter but our Lives ... Sandy, Andy, Gandy, Vendy, Bhendy, Pindy,Hendy and Me Maddy (This what are nick). We laughed together.. and cried also together. Tried to enjoy each ugly jock of life... When ever life show up with an ugly game with any one of us, we gave fight in our unique style..

Life was like it was never,, and i am sure it will never like that also. I was lucky that i got such a great friends to share life with.. and special thanks to Sandy, who inspire me to come Bangalore.. Not even Bangalore but I am in Bangalore as I hold MBA degree which is also once again Sandy's inspiration.

I can conclude with "Jindagi Haske bitaii thi, Hale dil gake suna ya tha... Ham to jeven ke rang the, apana jaha rangi banaya tha"

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